Recommendation No. 1: Provide web design and maintenance for families, individuals, groups, and small businesses.

Recommendation No. 2: Web design for small to medium businesses. Business Development Manager. Offers hosting and other internet services.

Recommendation No. 3: Supports e-campaigning communities through email marketing, online marketing, animation, and interactive tools and software.

Recommendation No. 4: Business Dictionary - outline specifications - definition of outline specifications: Preliminary set of specifications (generated during the early phases of a design process) on which detailed specifications are based.

Recommendation No. 5: Products and Services - Computer and Laptop, Modems and Line Powered, Mirrors and Concave, Seals and Non Metallic, Packaging and PVC, Valves and Compressor, Steriliser and Hot Air, Pans and Fluted Rolls, Cheque Book Covers, Shifter Controls ...

Web Design - Sales & Customer Service
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