Recommendation No. 1: Offering design, promotion, custom programming, databases, and membership systems.

Recommendation No. 2: Specialize in web site design and SEO services. Offers an overall marketing strategy to increase traffic to websites.

Recommendation No. 3: Visia Consultants is a firm of professional and accomplished consultants and project managers specialising in Information Technology.

Recommendation No. 4: Business Dictionary - staggered board - definition of staggered board: Structure of board of directors in which every year a fraction of the directors are elected, each for multiyear term. Also called classified board.

Recommendation No. 5: Products and Services - Chucks and Air, Leaf, Function Generators, Switches and Pressure, UPS and Bypass Boxes, Aluminium and Bars, Templates and Brass, Extractors and Air, Vegetables, Canned, Inspection Probes, ECM and Consumables ...

Web Design - Sales & Customer Service
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