Recommendation No. 1: Providing list brokerage and mailing services including bulk mailings, business lists and consumer lists.

Recommendation No. 2: Provides web design services. Content Management System. CMS based business-to-business marketing strategy consultants.

Recommendation No. 3: Designs marketing plans and strategies and assists in recommending sales networks and channels of distribution. Focus is on consumer products and consumer electronics as well as biometrics technologies.

Recommendation No. 4: Business Dictionary - amalgamation - definition of amalgamation: Combination of two or more firms, into either an entirely new firm or a subsidiary controlled by one of the constituent firms.

Recommendation No. 5: Products and Services - Laminating and Panels, Mass Transfer Plant, Network and Processors, Van and Racks, Internal, Sonar Equipment, Cable and Wire and Lift, Hand and Nail Care, Combiner and Standard, Actuators and Binary, Displays and Animated ...

Web Design - Sales & Customer Service
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